Albertans Can Now Gather In Groups Of 100 While Ontario Just Raised Its Limit To 10

Both outdoor and indoor gatherings have new rules.
Albertans Can Now Gather In Groups Of 100 While Ontario Just Raised Its Limit To 10

Premier Jason Kenney is making some big changes as part of Alberta's reopening plan. On Tuesday, June 9, the province announced that gatherings in Alberta can have a maximum of 100 people starting Friday, June 12. Just a day prior to Kenney's announcement, Ontario announced that their gathering limit has been raised to 10.  

Alberta is ready to move into stage 2 of its relaunch. According to the Government of Alberta, this means that a maximum of 100 people is allowed at outdoor events and indoor seated events. This includes weddings and funerals. 

There are some exceptions, though. 

For indoor social gatherings, like weddings, funeral receptions, and birthday parties, a limit of 50 people has to be followed. This is still an increase because the previous limit was set at 15 people in indoor places. 

Ontario's reopening plan, meanwhile, will allow only 10 people for any social gathering, both indoors and outdoors. This also takes effect on Friday, June 12.  

Physical distancing measures still have to be followed in both the provinces. So whether you're in Alberta or Ontario, you still have to maintain a distance of two meters from other people unless you live with them.

"Albertans have demonstrated the care and common sense needed to move forward with our relaunch earlier than initially planned," said Premier Kenney in a news release

Gathering limits on places of worship, restaurants, bars, cafes, casinos, and bingo halls have been completely removed by Alberta as well. 

As long as those places are following the public health measures, there is no cap on the number of people that can go and gather there. 

Under stage 2, places like movie theatres, nail salons, tanning salons, community halls, and more can begin to welcome the public once again. 

In the same press conference, Kenney also announced that many items in stage 3 of reopening will now be moved up to stage 2. 

This includes indoor gyms, recreation centres, swimming pools, instrumental concerts, team sports, and more.

So Albertans have the go-ahead from the province to resume a lot of activities that had been temporarily halted to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It's worth noting that the COVID-19 statistics in each province differ by a lot, too.

Ontario has recorded a total case count of 31,090, whereas Alberta has confirmed 7,202 total COVI9-19 cases as of June 8.