You Could Get Paid $15K To Stay At Boutique US Hotels & Chill On The Beach This Summer

They're looking for someone who loves the 1950s!

The Pearl hotel in San Diego. Right: The Vagabond Hotel in Miami.
Global Staff Writer

The Pearl hotel in San Diego. Right: The Vagabond Hotel in Miami.

If you've always wanted to chill by the beach at a throwback boutique hotel in the U.S., then we've got the perfect gig for you. is looking for one lucky person to become its "Retro Beach Motelier" this summer, and the winner will get to stay in some of the best motels across the country, free of charge.

But it's not just a free holiday. will actually pay the winner for their time.

So how much can you earn while literally sunbathing by a pool and enjoying beachside snow cones? A whopping US $5,000.

The winner also gets $10,000 in travel stipends from, which they can use to travel to beachside motels across the country, according to a news release from the travel site.

That means, in total, the winner will score a trip worth $15,000 and get to enjoy infinity pools, DJ parties and cabanas while stopping off at only the best boutique motels across the U.S.

But that’s not everything; says it'll also load the winner up with a bunch of vintage beach swag including striped umbrellas, vintage sunnies, a cooler for beachside beverages, a solar-powered AM/FM radio, high SPF zinc and a retro Polaroid camera.

All you have to do to participate is fill out an online questionnaire and tell why you're the ultimate choice for a throwback motel tester.

“If you time travelled to the ’50s, who would you spend your beach vacation with?” reads one question.

“Describe why the retro beach motel is your perfect somewhere,” says another.

The contest winner will be sent to stay at properties like The Pearl Hotel in San Diego, the Vagabond Hotel in Miami and Montauk Beach House on Long Island.

Applicants must be over 21 and from the U.S., according to the contest rules. The contest page itself is not accessible from Canada.

If that sounds like you, hurry up and apply before August 6. You could be testing hotels before the summer is over!

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
Sameen Chaudhry was a Staff Writer for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on TikTok drama and based in Toronto, Ontario.