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Greta Thunberg Just Called Out 'Our Leaders' After Canada Broke ANOTHER Heat Record [UPDATED]

Canada obliterated its all-time heat record for the second day in a row. 🥵

Greta Thunberg Just Called Out 'Our Leaders' After Canada Broke ANOTHER Heat Record [UPDATED]

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is getting serious with her criticism of world leaders after Canada broke its national all-time heat record for the second consecutive day.

Taking to Twitter on June 29, a day after she warned that this heat wave is "just getting started", the 18-year-old took aim at those who "continue to destroy present and future living conditions."

"We're destabilizing the planet," Thunberg told her 4.9 million followers.

She continued, "meanwhile our leaders continue to destroy present and future living conditions - opening new pipelines, oilfields and investing fantasy amounts into fossil fuel infrastructure, despite all the beautiful words."

Thunberg was responding to a tweet that mentioned Canada's "deeply shocking" new heat records, which shattered the previous temperature record set in 1937.

She also made reference to "new pipelines," which could be a nod to Justin Trudeau's approval of the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Thunberg has called out 'climate hypocrisy' before

It isn't the first time Thunberg has slammed world leaders, either. In 2020, she shared an article strongly criticizing Trudeau's "climate hypocrisy."

She also called out Canada's prime minister for "not doing enough" to combat global warming, but admitted that she tries "not to focus so much on individuals."

The 18-year-old took aim once again at world leaders during the 2021 G7 leaders' summit, after a weird-AF photo of the attendees ended up going viral.

"G7 spends fantasy amounts on fossil fuels as CO2 emissions are forecast for 2nd biggest annual rise ever," she said. "This calls for steak-and-lobster-BBQ-celebration while jet planes perform aerobatics in the sky above the G7 resort!" Ouch!

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