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Nova Scotia's Signature Wine Is A Real Thing & It Gets Its Name From The Bay Of Fundy

This is a must-try! Nova Scotia's signature wine is a real thing that can only be made from grapes grown in the province and there are so many other requirements that make it unique. It gets its name for a local natural wonder.

If you're a wine lover, you might know about popular Canadian wine regions like the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario and the Okanagan Valley in B.C.

You can also find great wines from Nova Scotia where more than 20 wineries are working to produce tasty stuff to sip on including the province's signature vino.

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It's actually called the country's smallest wine region and the one with the coolest climate.

Tidal Bay is the unique signature wine and the name is only used for non-sparkling white wines that are made from 100% Nova Scotia grapes.

Any winery there can make it as long as a few requirements are met.

It's dry to off-dry and fresh and crisp in acidity along with having an 11% alcohol by volume which makes it moderate.

You can pair the wine with seafood dishes that are famous in the province.

It's basically Nova Scotia in a bottle because it reflects the climate and culture there.

To be considered a Tidal Bay wine, it has to be made with specific primary and secondary grapes. There is also a maximum amount of residual sugar allowed.

The wine has to be approved by a five-person tasting panel and be vintage-dated.

With so many grapes available for wineries to use in the making of this signature sipper, there can be a lot of unique flavours.

According to the Winery Association of Nova Scotia, the most common aromas and flavours include peach, apricot, pear, green apple and citrus.

Tidal Bay gets its name from the Bay of Fundy which is one of Nova Scotia's natural wonders.

It's where some of the highest tides on Earth happened.

If visiting Nova Scotia's wine region isn't enough, there's a huge house for sale out there that comes with grapevines and it's a winery waiting to happen.

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