Health Canada Is Recalling A Hand Sanitizer Due To 'Serious' Health Risks

The company's product licence has also been suspended.

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Health Canada Is Recalling A Hand Sanitizer Due To 'Serious' Health Risks

Health Canada has just issued a recall on a hand sanitizer, and you'll definitely want to double-check your products.

According to the government, the product licence for Haywick Industries's PURE75 gel hand sanitizer has been suspended due to the presence of methanol.

"Frequent exposure to hand sanitizers containing elevated levels of methanol may cause skin irritation, eye irritation, breathing problems, and headaches," said Health Canada. "If swallowed, methanol can cause severe adverse reactions, including death."

Health Canada has requested that Haywick Industries, the importer of the hand sanitizer, stop selling and recall the product. "A product licence suspension means that it is illegal for any person or company to sell this product in Canada," the government department said.

Health Canada recommends that you stop using the sanitizer immediately and seek medical assistance if you have used the product and have health concerns.

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Senior Staff Writer
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