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Health Canada Is Recalling More Hand Sanitizers Due To Possible 'Bacterial Contamination'

Hand sanitizers are definitely a new normal in our lives, and Health Canada is advising people to check some of their products out to avoid potential health risks.

According to a news release, a total of five hand sanitizers are being recalled, three of which have "potential bacterial contamination."

Prevent+, Prevent+ Foam Sanitizer, and Prevent+ Rubbing Alcohol; Rubbing Alcohol 70% have been identified as potentially having contamination with Burkholderia stabilis, "which is a member of a group of bacterial organisms called Burkholderia cepacia complex (Bcc)," according to the government.

The effects of the bacteria have a wide range, from "no symptoms at all to serious infections. Bcc bloodstream infections may result in sepsis and death in some cases."

The other two products listed in the recall are Hand San Gel, which is "not authorized to contain technical-grade ethanol," and Embassy Ingredients - Hand Sanitizer, which "contains undeclared impurity, acetaldehyde, at elevated levels; not properly labelled (including missing risk statements and information for vulnerable population in French)."

This isn't the first time a hand sanitizer recall has been issued. Back in August, Health Canada advised Canadians to stop using several products immediately due to health risks.

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