Here's What's 'Worth It Or Worthless' At Dollarama, According To A TikToker (VIDEO)

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Sharpie markers from Dollarama. Right: A lip scrub from Dollarama.

Sharpie markers from Dollarama. Right: A lip scrub from Dollarama.

With inflation in Canada hitting the wallets of most people in the country, it's increasingly important to save your loonies and toonies where you can!

When it comes to dollar store shopping, while the prices might not be as high as shopping at other retailers, it's still wise to figure out where you'll get the best bang for your buck.

According to TikToker@jocebedard, here are some items from Dollarama that she says are either "worth it or worthless."

She began her review with a cutlery tray from the store.

"My knives actually didn't fit in the knife slot," she explained, but she managed to move things around to make everything work, so for $4, she says it's "worth it" and that she really likes it.

"These $5 Sharpie markers were a complete bust," the TikToker explained. "One of them came completely dried out."

As well, she said the same pack is apparently just $2.99 at Walmart.

"The colours are really cute, so it's a shame," she said. "But they bled through the paper, so I'm saying they are worthless."

In terms of cosmetics, her next review was for a lip scrub and mask.

"I personally don't care for the lip scrub too much, it has kind of a weird taste and smell, but I really liked the lip mask," she explained. "It's almost like a lip oil. The consistency is really light on the lips. So for me, it is worth it."


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And lastly, she shared her "favourite purchase" from the store, which is a four-pack of claw clips for $4.

"I've literally been wearing them every single day," she said. "I love the colours. They were only $4, so for me it is totally worth it."

And there you have it!

Her choices aren't exactly in line with that ChatGPT says are the best and worst products to buy at Dollarama, but hey, real life experience beats an AI bot every time!

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