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Canadian Workers Experienced The ‘Highest Daily Stress Levels In The World’ During 2020

Experts say many Canadians are at a "high risk of burnout."

If you felt overwhelmed and stressed last year, you're apparently not the only one. A new study has found that Canadians experienced the highest stress levels in the world in 2020, with many people in the workforce reporting feelings of worry, too.

Shared on June 15, the new State of the Global Workplace report from Gallup says that Canadian and American workers were the most anxious during the pandemic, with daily stress levels rising to 57%, compared to 43% globally.

Canadians were found to be the most stressed, with experts at Gallup noting that these levels of increased daily stress put workers at a "high risk of burnout."

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, workers across the world reported higher levels of "worry, stress, anger and sadness" in 2020 than in the previous year, too.

Despite this, employee engagement in both Canada and the U.S. increased to 34%, compared to 20% globally, during the COVID-19 pandemic.