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Canadians Are More Stressed About Their Bank Accounts Than Getting COVID-19 Right Now

Financial stress literally has Canadians losing sleep.

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When it comes to picking the most stressful things in life, money is still at the top of the list for Canadians — despite the global pandemic the country is still going through.

Money was ranked as the top stressor for Canadians in the 2021 FP Canada Financial Stress Index, with 38% of people surveyed claiming that it's the number one source of stress in their lives. That's more than personal health at 26% and relationships at 15%.

According to the index, financial anxiety has even caused 51% of Canadians to lose sleep. Also, 31% of respondents said it has led to health issues, which is an increase from the 18% who said they had money-related health issues last year.

While personal health isn't the number one cause of concern for Canadians, the COVID-19 pandemic did have an effect on it; 45% of respondents said it had an impact on their financial stress level.

Canadians have been pretty strained in general lately, according to a recent study, which revealed that Canadian workers had the highest stress levels in the world in 2020.

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