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3 Canadian Cities Just Got Ranked By How Stressed Its Residents Are

Plenty of spa trips are likely needed in these cities.

If you're trying to relax after one of the most stressful years ever, you might want to consider how stressful where you live is.

Vaay, a German CBD company, has ranked 100 of the world's cities from least to most stressful and three Canadian cities were included. The ranking is based on a number of indicators including noise, air and light pollution, unemployment rates, traffic congestion, gender equality, social security and the weather.

Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver all made the list, with Montreal coming out as the least stressful city in Canada. It was ranked as the 12th least stressful city in the world, above cities like Auckland, Zurich and Stockholm.

Vancouver and Toronto came in at 29th and 30th respectively, scoring high for things like air pollution and socio-political stability. Vancouver scored low for traffic, however, while Toronto's lowest score was — surprise, surprise — for the weather.

The least stressful city in the world according to the ranking is Reykjavik, Iceland, while the most stressful city is Mumbai, India.