These US Cities Are The Most Stressful To Work In & Texans Are Definitely Not Chilling

Are y'all okay in the Lone Star State?

Texas Staff Writer
A street in Houston, TX. Right: A stressed employee.

A street in Houston, TX. Right: A stressed employee.

The workplace can be stressful for many, and a recent study found which United States cities have the most stressed-out employees as residents.

Business website used eight different data metrics to study 170 American cities, where topics like average commute, average hours in a workweek, and percentage of health insurance employees were included.

Results show that the Lone Star State seems pretty dang frazzled.

The study found three Texas cities to top the list, including Houston (No.1), Arlington(No. 2), and Dallas (No. 3). A few other Texas entities, like Corpus Christi (No.6) and Ft. Worth (No.8), were not far behind.

The Bayou City is the state's largest city and the nation's fourth largest, so it would make sense that it's the "most stressful place" for workers. One big stressor around H-town is that the average roundtrip commute is a whopping 52.8 hours. The data also shows Houstonians are working an average of 39.5 hours a week, which is above the national average of 38.7 hours.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex also has a huge population of stressed-out workers living there. Arlington, like Houston, has a long average workweek (39.9 hours) and commute (52.2 minutes). Also, the income growth rate of the north Texas city is just 3.4%, which is only half the national average.

But it seems none of them are working quite as hard as Dallasites, who work an average of 40.2 hours per week, though their commute is just a minute quicker with 51.4-minute long roundtrips to get to work.

Now, all we have to ask is, Texans, are y'all doing okay? Perhaps it's time for some time off so you can visit a small town far away from the city or an all-inclusive resort.

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
Brittany Cristiano is a Staff Writer for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on viral TikToks, and trending local characters in the Southern United States. She is based in Houston, Texas.
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