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'Impossible' Meat Is Coming To Canada & Headed Straight For Alberta's Cattle Country

"You have to be in places like Dallas and Calgary." 🐄
Impossible Foods Is Coming To Canada & Shots Have Been Fired At Alberta Beef

A beloved plant-based burger is coming to Canada. 

Silicon Valley-based Impossible Foods announced on Tuesday, September 8, that they're launching their burgers across a handful of top restaurants around the country. They particularly have their eye on competing with Alberta's beef. 

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If you really want to affect change and start a meaningful national and international dialogue, you have to be in places like Dallas and Calgary. 

Rachel Konrad, Chief Communications Officer

In the press release, the company said that their patties will be available at Calgary's Charcut restaurant, which is already famous for providing farm-to-table meat. 

The eatery has swapped out the meat for one of their signature burgers with two Impossible Foods patties; the whole dish is served with "fresh avocado, crispy chips, vine tomatoes and CHARCUT garden herb aioli."

On top of Calgary's Charcut, the special burger will also be available at restaurants in Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver. The company hopes to sell its "meat" in grocery stores later this year. 

Via Calgary Herald