Have you ever wanted to work for some of Canada's best employers? Well, you're in luck because some post-secondary schools that made the list are currently hiring assistants, clerks and coordinators.

These places were handpicked by Forbes and crowned among the top 50 employers in Canada for 2021

According to them, these companies and administrations persevered in the face of adversity due to the pandemic and showed up for their employees when it mattered the most. 

Here are five post-secondary schools that made it in the top 15 list and are currently hiring.

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Administrative Assistant

Salary: $25,828 - $33,030

Company: University of Toronto

Who Should Apply: If you're a team player who is super organized then this gig might be just what you're looking for.

As an administrative assistant at UofT, you'll get to work in the "population health analytics lab" and do some everyday work like responding to emails, talking to clients, making schedules and updating the department's website.

To score this position you'll need a minimum of a two-year college diploma and two years of experience working in administrative support.

The deadline to apply is March 7, 2021.

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Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Salary: $53,922 - $57,293

Company: Sheridan College

Who Should Apply: Do you have a sharp eye for talent? If yes, you might be interested in a job recruiting staff to fill vacant positions at the college.

To snag this job you'll need a three-year post-secondary degree in either human resources, social sciences, or any other related field. You'll also need one year of experience in an HR role.

The deadline to apply is March 5, 2021.

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Client Services Clerk 

Salary: $21.33 – $23.82 per hour

Company: University of Guelph

Who Should Apply: Do you love animals and like talking to people? If so, you'll definitely want to get in on the action and work at the school's veterinary centre as a service clerk.

The chosen candidate will helps schedule, admit and discharge patients as well as handle invoices and payments.

If this has you're name written all over it you'll need to have at least one year of experience working in administration at a vet clinic or medical office.

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Programs Assistant

Salary: $3,841 - $3,962

Company: University of Victoria

Who Should Apply: This job will see to it that you work closely with graduate and undergraduate advisors. You'll also lend a hand in different school programs.

The right applicant will also help put together some ideas on how to deliver online courses and work collaboratively with other staff. A minimum of three years of experience working with clients in a professional environment is also important.

You also don't need a post-secondary diploma for this job.

The deadline to apply is March 7, 2021.

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Administrative Assistant

Salary: N/A

Company: Queen's University

Who Should Apply: Like many administrative jobs, working as an assistant you'll need to be good at multi-tasking and planning. The job consists of making schedules, creating briefing notes, preparing agendas and more.

You'll also need a post-secondary degree and a minimum of five years of experience in a similar field.

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