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Just Two Presidents Had More TV Viewers On Inauguration Day Than Joe Biden

One President beat him by almost 10-million. 🤯📺
Just Two Presidents Had More TV Viewers On Inauguration Day Than Joe Biden

Joe Biden's Inauguration drew quite the couch-crowd as in-person attendance was extremely limited due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Nielsen Company, the President's big day was viewed on television by an estimated 33.8 million people, which is actually still short of two past President's inauguration ceremonies.

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41.8 Million TV viewers of Ronald Reagan's inauguration

President Ronald Reagan still holds a pretty dominant record when it comes to inaugural TV viewers, as over 41.8 million people tuned into the ceremony in 1981 according to NBC.

Barack Obama still holds second place with 37.8 million viewers watching his 2009 inauguration on TV.

However, Joe Biden was able to narrowly beat out his predecessor Donald Trump, who drew just 30.6 million TV viewers to his 2017 inauguration. 

Canada Will Get More Vaccine Doses Than There Are Canadians By The End Of June

Trudeau says most Canadians can get a dose be the end of June.

On Friday, April 16, health officials provided an update on Canada's vaccine supply.

Trudeau announced that the country has secured an additional 8 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine and Minister Anita Anand expanded upon the current situation of the "overall vaccination campaign." 

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You should be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine in Canada faster than expected according to Justin Trudeau because there's a new deal to get additional doses in May, June and July.

He announced that Canada has signed another agreement with Pfizer that secures 8 million more doses to be delivered on top of what's already been purchased.

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Two People In Ontario Just Won $11.4M Each & They Don't Know It Yet

Someone in Scarborough is also sitting on $1 million!

Not one, not two, but three people are now millionaires after last night's lottery jackpot in Ontario.

The 6/49 jackpot on April 14 was a whopping $22.8 million and it was split by one Scarborough resident and another Ontarian, who bought their ticket on OLG's website.

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If you find yourself scrolling through your phone for hours a day, you might recognize some of these people. 

There are currently tons of Ontario TikTokers that are taking the internet by storm, and some could be living in the same neighbourhood as you. 

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