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Jordan Peterson Blasted Yumi Nu's SI Swimsuit Cover & Fans Are Rallying Around Her

He called her "not beautiful." 🤨

Global Staff Writer
Yumi Nu on the cover of Sports illustrated. Right: Jordan Peterson.

Yumi Nu on the cover of Sports illustrated. Right: Jordan Peterson.

Sports Illustrated @jordan.b.peterson | Instagram

Yumi Nu made one of the covers of the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, and Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson was not kind about the plus-sized model's looks.

The men's rights author and former University of Toronto professor blasted Nu's looks on Twitter late Monday, only to face some pretty strong backlash for his unprovoked comments.

In his tweet, he wrote: "Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that."

Since posting the tweet, fellow Twitter users are ripping the controversial psychologist apart.

One user wrote, "Authoritarianism is when there's a thick woman on a magazine cover? Lmao."

Many users struggled with his use of the term "authoritarian," with one person commenting: "'Authoritarian'? Chunky women on magazine covers? You sound like a parody of you."

That prompted Peterson to fire back with a follow-up tweet.

"It's a conscious progressive attempt to manipulate & retool the notion of beauty, reliant on the idiot philosophy that such preferences are learned & properly changed by those who know better," responded Peterson.

He then linked two studies on attractiveness and beauty and said, "but don't let the facts stop you."

He didn't say anything about Maye Musk, the 74-year-old model and mother of Elon Musk who also earned her own cover.

But Peterson's critics weren't buying it, and many simply pointed out that no one asked for his opinion.

"Why do men feel it's their duty to publicly pronounce their view on the attractiveness of women?" one user tweeted. "Couldn't you just keep it to yourself?"

Even the popular Twitch streamer and political commentator Hasan Doğan Piker gave his two cents.

Hours after posting the tweet, Peterson announced that he would be leaving the social media platform because of the "endless flood of vicious insults."

He continued to post on Monday night and was back with more tweets on Tuesday morning.

Nu shared the tweet along with a very simple response on Monday.

"Hoes mad," she wrote.

Sports Illustrated announced that Yumi Nu made the cover on May 16. In a story released by the publication, they shared that this was her second time in the issue and that "the Japanese-Dutch recording artist, model and entrepreneur made her SI Swim debut in last year's issue."

"I'm eternally grateful," Nu told People after he cover was announced.

"Collaboration with SI Swim is a no brainer for me — they aren't afraid to push the boundaries of what used to be normal for the media."

She added that she was excited to work with SI and "break out of the mold the world puts us in."

Sports Illustrated revealed that in addition to Yumi Nu, Kim Kardashian, Ciara, and Maye Musk also made the cover.

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