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Home Depot Responds After 'Unpacking Privilege' Sign At 'Woke' Calgary Store Goes Viral

The company says it was "not part of any required programming."

Calgary Staff Writer
A Home Depot store. Right: The 'Unpacking Privilege' document at a Home Depot in Calgary.

A Home Depot store. Right: The 'Unpacking Privilege' document at a Home Depot in Calgary.

A Home Depot store in Calgary has stirred up some buzz on Twitter after reportedly hanging a sign addressing privilege in its employee lunchroom.

The document, titled "Unpacking Privilege," defines what privilege is and the different types of privilege people can hold. The sign also had a checklist of the types of privilege people can hold, listing white, male, class, Christian, cisgender, able-bodied and heterosexual.

It also dives deeper into racism, how to talk about white privilege and why people are uncomfortable doing so.

A disgruntled Twitter user took to the social media platform to share the sign: "From a friend that works at Home Depot, this is the kind of crap on display in the lunchroom."

Twitter users had a lot to say in response to photos of the document, with some branding the retailer's move as "woke."

"Stop giving these large, 'woke' companies your time and money. Find a local hardware store, restaurant, bank, farmer, butcher...and pay in cash," one person said.

Controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson also got involved.

It was also reposted by a Twitter account called @libsoftiktok, where it received over 20,000 likes.

Some users specifically took issue with the checklist, worrying it is " encouraging" racism and sexism.

"It's clearly putting it in people's minds that if they are of a certain race, sexuality or other group that Home Depot defines as 'privileged' that they need to feel worse about themselves," they said.

However, many other Twitter users were quick to point out why documents like this are "useful" for employers and employees.

"I worked briefly in a big box store and something like this would have been useful, especially for some of the managers," one said.

"Wow, strange how this information takes you right out of your comfort zone. I found it interesting to read and thought provoking. It's sad that the thought of learning something contrary to your own thoughts can trigger such negative emotion and comments," another added.

One user also highlighted one of the key points of the sign, which discussed empathy for other people's experiences. "You can still buy a hammer and learn to appreciate different perspectives," they said.

In a statement to the Associated Press, Home Depot said that the document was "a resource in our Canadian division and not part of any required programming."

It said that while the company supports diversity, the worksheet "was not created or approved by its corporate diversity, equity and inclusion department," according to AP.

Narcity has reached out to all eight of Calgary's Home Depot stores, all of which either declined to comment or have yet to respond.

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    Charlie Hart
    Calgary Staff Writer
    Charlie Hart is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on Alberta news and is based in Calgary, Alberta.
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