Julia Fox Declared That Aging Is 'Fully In' & TikTokers Are Loving Her Rant About It

"Being pretty and hot in your 20s is the f***cking trenches."

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Julia Fox in her TikTok video.

Julia Fox in her TikTok video.

Julia Fox is back at it again with her words of wisdom for her 1.2 million followers on TikTok, and this time she's tackling a difficult topic on a lot of women's minds: aging.

According to Fox, "aging is fully in, like fully," and her followers absolutely love her take on the topic.

"And if I see another product that says anti-aging on the label, I'm suing. I'm going to sue," Fox continues in her video. "I'm going to sue because I'm going to age regardless of if I put that f***cking $500 serum on my face, and you all f***ing know it, and we know it, so let's stop lying to ourselves."

"Getting old is fucking hot. Okay? It is sexy. It is probably the sexiest time in life actually because being pretty and hot in your 20s is the f***cking trenches, and I'm not going back there," Fox says as she ends the video.


Ooooo I know this is gonna make the broke boys mad #OLDISIN

So far, over 1.9 million people have viewed her video, and she keeps racking in fans and supporters with each new video she posts on the social media platform.

Many people in the comments section expressed their desire to elect Fox as the new president.

One user wrote, "Julia Fox is my president," which received over 3,500 likes.

Even Raven Ross from the latest season of Love Is Blind jumped in the comment section and wrote, "JULIA FOR PRESIDENT."

Another commenter joked that being president wasn't enough and commented, "Julia Fox for pope," which got over 7,100 likes.

Even model Emily Ratajkowski chimed in the comment section to agree with Fox's point by commenting, "The actual trenches."

The popular influencer Tana Mongeau commented, "I love you."

"God, you are THE vibe for 2023. The year of Miss Fox, baby!" wrote another user.

One user pointed out that "aging is such a luxury."

"I have friends who didn't make it to 20; how cool is getting older," the commenter added.

Although the video got a lot of praise, it didn't stop the haters from doing their thing.

One hater, in particular, caught Fox's attention with their comment, "girl, what are you 30? Please," and she decided to make a follow-up video to respond to them.


Replying to @kjane700

"I want to address this comment because you're right! 30's not old! But I literally cried on my 27th birthday because I could no longer say mid-20s," Fox responded in the follow-up video. "I'd officially be in my late 20's. This is how deep this sh*t is for women."

In a third video, she elaborated on turning 27 and crying over it. Her best friend Harmony flew in to surprise her with an intimate celebration "because she knew [Fox] would take it hard."

Instead of being grateful, she was a "tyrant" about it and just "wanted the day to pass."

"That's sad because Harmony, the girl I was with, she died. She's not even going to have the privilege of getting older, so we deny ourselves these milestones for what?" Fox says in her video.

Since her videos about aging caught the world's attention, Fox has made even more public gestures to normalize it.

She attended the CDFA Fashion Awards sporting gray hair and received a lot of praise from people for her look.


#juliafox love letter to getting older at CFDA awards. Video courtesy of @thecut #fyp#fypシ #cfdaawards#cfda

"This is a love letter to getting older," Fox told a reporter on the red carpet. "We're embracing getting older."

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Global Staff Writer
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