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Trudeau Says Provinces Shutting Down Is Better Than Hoping The Virus Goes Away On Its Own

He says the federal support is there to help.

Canada has been dealing with multiple resurgences of COVID-19 cases across the country, and Justin Trudeau believes that shutdowns and restrictions may be the only ways to fight back.

During his daily press conference on November 10, the Prime Minister stated that the federal government would be there to assist provinces so that they can "shut down and put in restrictions."

He further emphasized the importance of taking these steps by saying that it would be better than just hoping the virus will "go away on its own."

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Acting quickly to shut down early, to bring in restrictions when the surges start is better than delaying and hoping that it will go away on its own. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy, announced in October, is one of the ways the federal government is offering to help businesses who may have to close due to the second wave.

The prime minister added that the economy would be hit harder by continued surges rather than targeted shutdowns propped up by financial assistance.

He also acknowledged the fact that people may be getting "tired and frustrated" by COVID-19.

As of November 9, there have been 268,735 cases across the country, with the majority being reported in Ontario and Quebec.

Trudeau noted that vaccines are on the horizon, but that Canadians will first need to make it through the winter.

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