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Justin Trudeau Tried To Say ‘LGBTQ2+’ & It's Actually Almost Painful To Watch (VIDEO)

Not even 48 hours after being re-elected as Canada's prime minister, a video of Justin Trudeau attempting (and failing) to say the acronym LGBTQ2+ has gone viral.

The clip shows the PM speaking on the campaign trail in Mississauga, ahead of the federal election on September 20, responding to a question about the rise in hate over the past few years.

But while explaining how he and his party stick up for marginalized communities in Canada, Trudeau slipped on the acronym LGBTQ2+ and had a tough time recovering, even pausing for a quick little exasperated sigh before trying again.

The video absolutely exploded online, with various members of the "LGDPLGTLBG" community sharing and laughing about Trudeau's flub.

Unfortunately for the PM, it's not even his most memorable speaking misstep of recent years — that incredible honour goes, of course, to his "speaking moistly" moment that even inspired its own song.

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