Justin Trudeau's Home Office Is Full Of Details Like A Harry Potter Box Set (PHOTOS)

Take a peek at his work from home set up!
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Justin Trudeau's Home Office Set Up Is Full Of Details Like A Harry Potter Box Set

If you've been wondering what Justin Trudeau's home office set up is like, a new photo from inside Rideau Cottage shows interesting details like a Harry Potter box set.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau shared a series of photos on Instagram of her family working and learning from home and there's a snap of the prime minister.

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On the bookshelf behind Trudeau's desk, you can see a bunch of books including a box set of the entire Harry Potter series along with others like The Passage and The Twelve by Justin Cronin.

The prime minister also has a ring light that rises just above his computer to keep him well-lit while he works from home and behind him, you can spot a curling stone, art and personal photos.

Underneath a table behind Trudeau's desk, there's what appears to be a folded American flag that's often, but not exclusively, given to the families of fallen U.S. military members. 

At the edge of his desk, there's the face mask he wears that has a red maple leaf on it and a pen holder that looks like it was made by his kids.

On the table behind his desk, there's an orchid plant and three personal photos including one of Trudeau with his late brother Michel that he's posted on social media before.

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