Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's Instagram Post About Working & Learning From Home Is So Real

Even Justin Trudeau is working from home.
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Sophie Gregoire Trudeau's Instagram Post About Working & Learning From Home Is So Real

With work from home and online learning still happening, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's Instagram post shows how her family is getting it done at Rideau Cottage.

She shared a series of photos and said that she's "running from room to room, making sure the gang is okay!"

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Grégoire Trudeau's photo series starts with Hadrien doing his schooling on a tablet and looking less than pleased about it.

She snapped a picture of Ella-Grace in another room while she's in front of the computer with a textbook open in front of her.

There's also a shot of Xavier doing his school work and he kind of looks caught off guard by Grégoire Trudeau's photoshoot.

Then the last photo is her husband Justin Trudeau sitting at his desk in the home office while talking on the phone because even the prime minister works from home.

"Thinking of you all across the country," she said in the caption of her post.

Grégoire Trudeau gets personal on Instagram quite often, sharing stories and photos that give a behind-the-scenes peek into her life and her family.

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