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Ontario Will Reveal Legal Boundaries Of The Stay-At-Home Order Today

The province is releasing new details about how it's going to be enforced.
Ontario Will Reveal Legal Boundaries Of The Stay-At-Home Order Today

After announcing an official stay-at-home order in Ontario on Tuesday, the Ford government is now expected to publish additional details.

Ivana Yelich, Director of Media Relations at the Premier's Office, confirmed to Narcity that these details will be made available today, ahead of the stay-at-home order taking effect on Thursday.

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The legal parameters of the stay at home order will be published online today in advance of it taking effect. Office of the Premier

Under the order, all Ontarians are required to stay home, only leaving for essential trips such as grocery shopping, medical appointments, and exercise.

Outdoor gathering limits have been reduced from ten to five, and masks are now recommended outdoors when physical distancing is difficult.

Ford emphasized several times that it is imperative that Ontarians do their part and "stay home to save lives."

Schools in five of Ontario's public health units will not resume in-person learning until February 10 at the earliest.

Hours for non-essential retailers have been reduced, now from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., and big-box stores will undergo additional enforcement to ensure that measures are being followed.

Enforcement will increase in both indoor and outdoor areas to prevent groups larger than five from congregating.

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