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9 Photos Of Trudeau Inside Rideau Cottage That Give An Insight Into His Life At Home

His at-home office is full of books!
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Inside Rideau Cottage: 9 Photos Of Trudeau That Give An Insight Into His Life At Home

Over the last year, Canadians may have seen more of Justin Trudeau than ever before. However, it’s rare to get a glimpse inside Rideau Cottage. Until now, that is.

The prime minister’s official photographer, Adam Scotti, recently shared “A photographic year in review,” which gives us some insight into the prime minister’s life over the last year.

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In addition to a number of extremely powerful photos, the collection includes pictures from the PM’s day to day life, including pictures from inside his Ottawa home.

Included in Scotti’s review are moments like this one, where the prime minister can be seen standing near his front door and preparing to deliver another COVID-19 press conference. 

This image shows Trudeau jogging laps around the grounds of Rideau Cottage; according to Scotti, this was captured while the family was isolating after Sophie Gregoire Trudeau tested positive for COVID-19 in March. 

It got much harder to have lunch dates this year and things were no different for the PM — here, he can be seen taking a break from the comfort of the Rideau Cottage dining table.

According to the photographer, this image shows the Liberal leader trying out a face mask and eye mask with his own face on: “To file under weird things we are given,” wrote Scotti.

Like the majority of Canadians this year, Trudeau spent a lot more time working from home rather than from his government office. — although, admittedly, his workspace is likely a little bigger than most!

It’s been a stressful year and we have all deserved a treat of some kind, including Canada’s leading politicians!

Unlike years gone by, Trudeau’s year-end interview was held outside Rideau Cottage this year; it looks gloriously festive, but Scotti says the conditions were -15 C. Yikes.

This photo shows the PM and Grégoire Trudeau participating in a video call from their home; after a challenging year, the duo can be seen wishing happy holidays to those on their screens.

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