The sun is shining, so it is time to go outdoors and make some memories. But unlike the other sights you've visited recently, this one is away from the crowds. Without question, you are going to want to see this roaring B.C. canyon waterfall up close.

Wilson Creek Falls is a fantastic adventure, but it is off the beaten path.

The closest city would be Nelson, B.C., which is an hour-long scenic drive away. From Kelowna, it is considerably further; the journey takes four hours and 15-minutes.

Reaching these impressive falls is a fairly easy 2.4-kilometre trek, but it will still provide a good workout. Just make sure you prepare correctly by wearing hiking shoes and bringing a bottle of water.

You definitely don't want to try this route in flip flops.

The first section of the trail is flat through the forest that provides plenty of shade. But after there is a series of slightly steep switchbacks, that can be muddy and slippery.

You'll know right away when you are getting close to the falls, as you'll be able to hear the thunderous water.

Then all you need to do is follow the path a bit further before you will feel like you've arrived in another country.

The vast waterfall cascades 63-metres off a moss cover canyon wall and looks like something you would find in Jamaica.

It is truly a remarkable sight, and often visitors get to enjoy it all to themselves.

Standing at the lookout point, don't be surprised if you get wet. The powerful falling water sprays mist into the air, but on a hot day, it is very refreshing.

Next time you are in the area, why not plan a pit stop on your road trip to see it for yourself?

Wilson Creek Falls

Address: New Denver, BC

Why You Need To Go:  You won't believe the size of this gigantic waterfall only a short hike away.

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