James Corden Is Going Viral On Twitter For A Raunchy Flash Mob With Camila Cabello (VIDEO)

The street takeover was for the new Cinderella movie!

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James Corden Goes Viral For Raunchy Flash Mob With Camila Cabello (VIDEO)

An apology to the commuters at Genesee and Beverly in L.A. yesterday — your traffic jam was caused by a couple of celebrities.

James Corden, Camila Cabello, Idina Menzel and Billy Porter were spotted by several L.A. Twitter users doing a flash mob on the street on Friday, August 27, to promote the new Cinderella movie, which stars all four celebs.

Cabello, dressed as Cinderella, can be seen dancing and singing with Corden, who even gets close to the camera and pulls out a few raunchy thrusts.

"Wow!" the videographer exclaimed, which, given the circumstances, feels like an understatement.

Twitter user @trashpopsong posted a video of the aftermath, which included some dramatic bows from Corden and co. and a round of applause from onlookers.

The Late Late Show's official Twitter account retweeted one of the videos, writing "secret's out."

User @feelLikeAndy told Narcity that the whole event likely took about two minutes, but they said it's hard to estimate how long it really was.

"I'm not 100% sure," they wrote. "We were so in shock."

Twitter did not take long to make the videos go viral, and "James Corden" was soon a trending topic on the site. Many people, however, criticized Corden and called the video cringe-worthy.

"James Corden always looks like he's trying to prove he's the most fun guy to be around but the darkness in his eyes betrays him," Canadian writer Sarah Hagi tweeted.

"'Sorry I was 3 hours late to work," wrote Twitter user @samchizanga. "'James Corden was dry humping the air in a rat costume on the street and held up traffic.'"

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