Lizzo Was Sent To Jury Duty & 'Celebrities, They're Just Like Us'

She posted a 'GRWM' video on TikTok.

Lizzo in a brown hoodie. Right: Lizzo in her jury duty outfit.
Florida Associate Editor

Lizzo in a brown hoodie. Right: Lizzo in her jury duty outfit.

Pop superstar Lizzo posted a "GRWM" video on TikTok as she got dressed for jury duty. Yes, even celebrities have to fulfill their civic duties, and the singer was actually really stressed about it.

"I've just heard people getting like really gruesome, like violent cases, and I have a really sensitive mind, and I don't like hearing or seeing that. I'll cry," she said in her robe.

She was up and ready at 6 a.m. to remove her acrylic nails before a doctor's appointment scheduled the following day and then tried on some outfits for her fans.

"It's giving law-abiding citizen," she said in a black dress she ended up changing out of before her final reveal.


Just fulfilling my civil duty 🫡

The musician commented on a follow-up video that she attended court two days ago but just uploaded the clips on March 21.

In that same upload, she was in front of the Jury Assembly Room and added text to the screen that she was released from court and wondered why.

One person commented that many celebrities get dismissed from jury duty to avoid being a distraction.


Replying to @kristinclimbs Storytime?

It's no secret that Lizzo is known for her authenticity, and this is just one more scenario that makes the artist extremely relatable.

"Celebrities, they're just like us," a woman replied.

Except, many people said they have no idea what they would do if they walked into court and sat next to her.

"POV: ur on trial on Lizzo is sitting in your jury PLS," one person wrote.

So many commented on her outfit: "Your Honor, she's slaying," and "they allow queens in the courtroom?"

After Lizzo uploaded that she was let go from the jury, Coach, the fashion brand, even commented, requesting storytime.

She has uploaded two videos since then, and they have not been about her time in court. Case closed.

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Florida Associate Editor
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