If you're a thrill-seeker looking for your next conquest, this experience will be right up your alley. Margarita Adventures in California is a giant zip line course where you can whizz through the sky and enjoy some wine after. What better way to spend a day than zipping and sipping? 

Margarita Adventures in Santa Margarita is one of the top-rated activities in the area, and for a good reason.

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The tour takes you on up to six different zip lines, over trees, breathtaking valleys, and picturesque vineyards. 

You'll end up flying through the air over 7,500 feet in total! 

The "Zip and Sip" package includes all zip lines, plus a private wine tasting at a nearby vineyard. It costs $125.

You'll be able to ride next to someone on one of the courses, soar through treetops on another, and experience a vast vineyard from an aerial perspective. 

Some moderate-intensity hiking is required to reach some of the drop points, so dress accordingly and prepare to get a little exercise in. 

Consider the hikes as a way to earn the wine that you'll enjoy after your zippy adventure. 

You'll visit Ancient Peaks Winery and get to taste some of the reds and whites that are grown locally on the ranch. 

The tour will also teach you more about their sustainable winemaking processes.  

The experience can last several hours, depending on how long you enjoy the atmosphere.

It's also advised to wear closed-toe shoes for both hikes and ziplining. 

Soaring over gorgeous valleys and vineyards and then wine tasting sounds like the perfect day; this experience is too good to pass up. 

Margarita Adventures "Zip & Sip"

Price: $125

Address: 22719 El Camino Real, Santa Margarita, CA

Why You Need To Go: You can zipline over 7,500 feet in the air and then wine taste after. 

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