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You Can Go On A 'Psychedelic' Tree Hunting Adventure For Only $25 In Arizona

It's full of rainbow trees that look totally unreal!🌈🌲

If you've ever been rock hunting, this place will take it to the next level. Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona is full of rainbow trees that look totally unreal. With gorgeous multicolored hills and tons of hiking trails to discover, this park feels like you're walking around on Mars!

Petrified Forest National Park is full of its namesake: petrified trees. These logs display a gorgeous rainbow of colors, making them look like precious gems

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The park covers about 230 square miles in northeast Arizona, so you can spend all day exploring and hiking through the desert area. 

The entrance fee for the park is $25 per vehicle, or you can get an annual pass for $45 if you know you'll want to visit more than once. 

Traditional camping is not allowed within the park, but backpacking is permitted and is entirely free.

Just be sure you're leaving no trace behind and making your campsites as low-impact as possible. 

One of the unique and cool things about this spot is that it's one of the few pet-friendly national parks, so you can leash up your doggo (or kitty) and bring them along too. 

If you want a piece of forest to take home with you, it's encouraged to stop by the gift shop rather than taking rocks from the park.

This way, you can support the park and leave everything in its natural state. 

It is in the desert still (despite being at over 5,000 feet elevation), so be sure to dress and pack accordingly.

Get ready for an adventure that'll ROCK! 

Petrified Forest National Park

Price: $25

Address: Petrified Forest National Park, AZ

Why You Need To Go: Check out these rainbow trees that are millions of years old and scattered throughout this colorful desert landscape. 


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