Mookie Betts doesn't fault fellow Los Angeles Dodger Justin Turner for running onto the field and celebrating their World Series win, despite him having just tested positive for COVID-19.

In fact, Mookie reportedly said to "forget" all of that COVID stuff, focusing instead on that Justin is a "part of the team" and doesn't deserve to be excluded.

Mookie is a big supporter of Justin, generally, telling Dodgers Nation in early October how much he grew to love him upon Mookie joining the Dodgers earlier this year.

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Once I got here I got to see the kind of person he is, the leader he is, you know he loves to have fun but he’s also that person you could always go talk to about something in the game that you may not understand.

Mookie Betts to Selena Marquez of Dodgers Nation

Mookie's response got mixed reactions from the public.

One person brought up the fact that other baseball players missed the entire 2020 season due to COVID concerns.

Others argued that it was fine because everybody probably already had it anyway.

 But there was an argument to that argument, as well.

Turner was on the field for around 20 minutes, hugging people and taking a group photo, and claimed to be "feeling fine" on Twitter.