Sex Worker Tara Lynn Revealed What She Won't Do On OnlyFans & Why She Took A TikTok Break

There's one thing she refuses to show.

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Tara Lynn in jeans and a crop top. Right: Tara Lynn in a yellow long sleeve.

Tara Lynn in jeans and a crop top. Right: Tara Lynn in a yellow long sleeve.

TikTok influencer and OnlyFans star Tara Lynn broke her silence about why she took a break from social media and the skyrocketing business she's created on OnlyFans.

She went on a Barstool Sports podcast, PlanBri, which premiered March 2, and had a tell-all interview about the racy controversies that shamelessly blew her up to stardom.

The backlash began when, on TikTok, she got a pet bird, Marty, and Googled to see whether, if she were to pet the animal's back, it could sexually stimulate them. So, she then claims as a joke that she had a sexual relationship with her bird.

Needless to say, her followers weren't happy.


i was wiping powder off of all of my kitchen appliances for like 30 minutes

The backlash continued when she spent thousands of dollars on five Harry Styles concerts and said that she "finna be in the pit" in one of her TikTok videos.

"Finna" is an African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) word that is a contraction of the phrase "fixing to," essentially meaning "going to" or "intending to." Many people online started commenting that her use of the AAVE term was akin to cultural appropriation.


Replying to @username0018348 🥲

This situation happened around November 2022 and by December, she decided to delete social media and take a break.

"All I thought about every day was how to defend myself, but it doesn't do anything," she said. "But it's all I would think about [...] and I was so f*d up over it."

Upon her return this year, she stepped into another public scandal, revealing that she had sexual relations with a female OnlyFans creator as part of a video collaboration, while having a boyfriend.

As she was getting ready for the OF recording, she made a TikTok video saying that she likes to kiss women even though she dates men and is heterosexual.

"People took that as, like, [meaning that] I fetishize lesbians and [that] I have internalized homophobia," she said.


pls wish me luck LOL

On PlanBri, the hosts asked her how far she is willing to go on in regard to sex work on her OF account. Lynn said that she shows almost everything.

"I just don't show my vagina, but I'll make videos of me using toys and s*t, but you can't like see my vagina, so I do a lot," she said.

Her boyfriend, Lynn notes, didn't care that she had relations with someone else.

Since her social media break, she revealed that she's doing better and doesn't know her next steps, apart from making more content for her social media accounts.

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