'Love Is Blind' Star Natalie Shared The Dating 'Dealbreakers' That Helped Her Find A Fiancé

She told us all her non-negotiables. 🙅♀️

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Natalie Lee in Netflix's "Love Is Blind," season two.

Natalie Lee in Netflix's "Love Is Blind," season two.

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Natalie Lee didn't go into season two of Love Is Blind with a plan, but she did have standards.

Lee recently told Narcity that she didn't watch the first season of the show, which challenges people to date blindly through a wall before deciding if they want to get engaged to someone they've never seen.

You might say she went in blind, but she did have a list of non-negotiables that helped her choose a fiance without ever seeing him in person.

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The Chicago native says her two "big" deal breakers were racism and a criminal record, and she stuck to those throughout her blind dates with the 15 guys on the show.

"I didn't have a strategy," she told Narcity. "I went in more for the experience. I don't think I was like, 'I need to get engaged.'"

Lee ended up getting engaged to Shayne Jansen, and she admits that she did bend on a few of her standards — including a rule against "men who boast or show off a lot."

"I went in being like, 'I don't want a man like that,' and I think Shayne tends to be like that, but he has so many great qualities about him beyond that [so] maybe that really isn't a deal breaker for me," she said.

The Netflix show includes bits and pieces of Lee's conversations with Jansen, but she told Narcity that there's a lot that the cameras missed.

In fact, she says her blind dates would go on for up to 5 hours, so she had plenty of time to open up about herself and get to know Shayne and the other guys.

"You're really trying to talk about everything and anything, so an icebreaker really isn't needed. I think everyone just wants to put everything out there, so I think that's an icebreaker in itself, where you just kind of trying to talk about everything," she said.

Lee added that it's been "a lot" to see the show play out in front of the world, but she's also "so grateful" for the feedback she's had since it dropped on Netflix.

"I've never felt so loved," she said.

The second season of Love Is Blind is now out on Netflix, with a reunion show expected to drop on Friday.

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