This Province Has A Lottery Scratch Ticket That Smells Like Maple Syrup & It's So Canadian

It's like scratch-and-sniff meets lotto scratchers.
Maple Scented Lottery Scratch Tickets Exist & It's Peak Canada
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You've heard of maple-syrup-scented candles, but have you ever heard of maple-syrup-scented lottery scratch tickets? This province has them and it is peak Canada.

Loto-Québec has put out a new game called Cabane à sucre, which means "sugar shack" in English, and the ticket smells like maple syrup.

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The ticket looks like a can of maple syrup with leaves on it that you have to scratch entirely to uncover three identical symbols on the same line, which would make you a winner.

Quebec produces 90% of Canada's maple syrup so this is a fitting lotto game; in 2020, two provinces battled over who could claim second place after la belle province.

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