Canadians shouldn’t expect an apology from Maxime Bernier! The ex-Conservative cabinet minister and MP has admitted that he vacationed in Florida during the COVID-19 pandemic but says he’s not sorry about it.

As more and more Canadian politicians continue to get caught out travelling abroad for non-essential reasons, Bernier has promised that he won’t “make up an excuse.”

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In response to an article about his U.S. trip, which was taken in November 2020, the People’s Party of Canada leader admitted he’d taken the vacation.

In a tweet, he added, “And I’m the only politician in Canada who won’t apologize or make up an excuse.”

Bernier has been fiercely critical of other politicians who have travelled abroad recently, but not for the reason you might expect.

Describing them as “morons,” he tweeted, “Let me make this very clear: The problem is NOT that they travelled abroad.”

“It’s that they publicly agree with the silly authoritarian rules imposed on Canadians AND THEN FLOUT THEM.”

In another message, the party leader added, "We have an epidemic of hypocritical politicians who impose authoritarian rules and edicts on Canadians while not following them."

Speaking earlier this week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada’s travel rules are “very clear” and nobody should be going abroad right now.