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McDonald's China Served Up A Spam & Oreo Burger This Week & It's Completely Real

Now that's unusual! McDonald's China has unveiled a brand new culinary concoction and it features extra-thick Spam and crushed Oreos.

The food giant announced the newest menu item this week and revealed that the "Oreo luncheon meat burger" would be available for one day only.

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400,000 New burgers were available

The new dish featured extra-thick slabs of Spam — cooked pork that comes in a tin — and crushed pieces of Oreos.

"Luncheon meat is a trending food among youngsters nowadays" explained McDonald's China communications manager Abbie Xie, per CNN Travel.

"It has a very strong meaty and satisfying texture," she added. 

Xie confirmed that the fast-food company had 400,000 burgers available at 3,700 restaurants across the country on Monday, December 21.

She revealed that the limited-edition item was actually pretty popular with locals, with the burger totally selling out by noon in some locations!

While this particular creation hasn’t made its way to McDonald’s Canada yet, Canadian stores are offering festive deals and treats of their own.

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