McDonald’s Canada Launched 'Li'L Donuts' In 5 Flavours & They're Available Right Now

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McDonald’s Canada Launched 'Li'L Donuts' In 5 Flavours & They're Available Right Now

Why do snacks always taste better when they’re mini? McDonald’s “Li’L Donuts” have just launched in Canada, and they’re available in five different flavours. The mini-treat was trialled in select markets last year, and now these snacks are here to stay!

Ever wanted an extra little somethin-somethin post-meal, but didn’t want a full-sized dessert? This is a problem you'll have no more, as McDonald's answer to Timbits have officially landed in Canada. 

While they're smaller than average, these new snacks are bigger than a Timbit, too. They're around half the size of a standard donut, so you get just enough dough for your dollar.

The snacks are available Canada-wide as of Monday, June 29, and they come in five different donut-y flavours.

There's Apple Fritter, which McDonald's describes as having "a harvest of flavour in every bite," and Boston Cream, which is "topped with a satisfying blanket of chocolate icing and chocolate drizzle."

There's also "delicately dusted" Strawberry Jelly, "decadently delicious" Maple Caramel, and a Sprinkles donut that will "feed your inner child."

Each treat "pairs perfectly with your favourite McCafé beverage," the company says.

The sweet snacks are available all day long, and cost just $0.99 each, plus tax.

If you can’t resist tasting multiple flavours, you can get two donuts for $1.79, six for $4.99 or 12 for $9.49, plus applicable taxes.

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In a release shared with Narcity, McDonald’s Canada confirmed that the smaller snacks were trialled in select markets last year. 

Now, McCafe’s Li’L Donuts will become a permanent menu item in Canada, which means you’ll be able to get your hands on them all year round.

The launch of the snacks couldn't have come at a better time, as summer drink days have also just returned to Canada.

You'll be able to grab a $1 drink with your small taster, including iced coffee.

As hundreds of locations reopened for take-out again last week, you don't even have to order ahead of time anymore! 

McDonald's "Li'L Donuts"

Price: 💸

Address: Locations Across Canada

Why You Need To Go: Enjoy a smaller-sized treat in five different flavours. Dessert never looked so snackable!

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