McMaster University Is Calling Out Thousands Of Students Who Gathered For 'Fake Homecoming'

Hamilton Police and McMaster University are condemning approximately 5,000 students who participated in a "fake homecoming" on Saturday, October 2 that resulted in a car being flipped and street signs being damaged.

David Farrar, the President and Vice-Chancellor of McMaster University, issued a statement on Sunday about the "disruptions, disrespect of property and disregard of those who live in our community."

"Such actions are completely unacceptable," Farrar said, adding that the university will be cooperating with Hamilton Police to identify students who engaged in any illegal activities.

According to police, so far two people were arrested and charged under the Liquor Licence Act Offences, as well as five other for Breach of the Peace/Cause Disturbance.

Officers also reviewing the footage of the car being flipped in order to identify those involved. They are currently looking for a white male with brown hair, wearing a blue baseball cap, burgundy and yellow rugby shirt, and khaki shorts.

Maureen Wilson, the Councillor for Hamilton's Ward 1, tweeted out pictures of the event and the aftermath, saying that "someone is going to get killed."

"'Fake Homecoming' events have become all too common at universities across the province," Farrar said in the statement. "They have no regard for the police or emergency personnel who have to respond. And in this time of COVID, they chose to ignore the laws in place to prevent large gatherings and help keep our communities safe and healthy."

Out of caution, the university had previously decided not to hold any Homecoming events this year that would typically be connected to the school's first home football game of the season.

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