A Tropical Cyclone Has Weekend Plans For Florida & It's Going To Be Wet

It's on track to blow through The Sunshine State!
Florida Tropical Cyclone Nine Storm Isaias To Hit State With Rain And Wind This Weekend

Buckle up, Florida, Tropical Cyclone Nine, expected to form into Tropical Storm Isaias, is ramping up in The Atlantic and headed for The Sunshine State this week.

The National Weather Service has already issued tropical storm warnings for Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and several others, with the forecast cone showing the storm currently on track to hit Florida with rainfall and wind-impacts by the end of the week.

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The National Hurricane Center also states that the tentative long-range track and intensity are particularly uncertain with this storm, as it lacks a defined center.

This means the storm could expand and move over portions of the Greater Antilles throughout the week.

Regardless of the track, the storm is expected to at least bring heavy rain to Florida by the end of the week, so it never hurts to get prepped in advance.

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