You Can Find 13-Inch Long Avocados Grown In Florida & Size Does Matter

They're longer than your head.

Florida Associate Editor
A long-neck avocado. Right: A woman holding a long neck avocado.

A long-neck avocado. Right: A woman holding a long neck avocado.

PSA to all avocado lovers: your day just got a lot better.

A Miami farm grows the fruit in season, and it can be as big as your let's just say size definitely matters. They're called long neck avocados and they can grow up to 13 inches long.

Miami Fruit is a small business that harvests the long fruit throughout June-September, but they are in such high demand you can pre-order them for the upcoming months.

Having originated in the Caribbean, they are now primarily grown in South Florida. If you're not in the area, the company also ships from the U.S. to Canada, but not in California due to USDA shipment restrictions.

These avocados are not commercially grown, so they aren't easy to find. They taste similar to most avocados but are also slightly salty.

Since they are so big, the top of the neck is flexible and the whole fruit on its own can be over one pound. It's important that you store them at 70 degrees or above. Once it's soft, it's time to eat.

Like most of the smaller versions, they have a rather short shelf life.

Miami Fruit grows the avocados fresh and they are non-GMO.

They also have a slew of other tropical fruits not normally seen in the stores. Other tasty treats they provide are watermelon guava, yellow dragonfruit, star apples, golden passionfruit and much more.

The farm is located in Homestead Florida, but you can always head to their website and find out what's in season and get boxes shipped to your home.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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