Mississauga Wants To Break Off From Peel Region & Move Into The Red Zone By Themselves

Mayor Crombie argues that they are ready to reopen.
Toronto Staff Writer
Mississauga Wants To Move To The Red Zone Without The Rest Of Peel

It looks like Mississauga is willing to ditch the rest of the Peel Region to move into the red zone.

Bonnie Crombie, mayor of Mississauga, told the Khaled Iwamura podcast on Tuesday that she is now petitioning to move the city out of the grey zone independently. 

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Crombie told the host that she is asking the province to loosen Mississauga's COVID-19 restrictions, without its counterparts Brampton and Caledon.

We want to be carved out of Peel on this issue, as long as Dr. Loh says we are ready. We take our advice from Dr. Loh," the mayor said during her appearance.

If Crombie gets her way, Mississauga could be placed in the red control zone which will allow restaurants, bars and gyms to open. 

Currently, the city is currently placed in the grey zone along with the rest of the region.

Crombie argued that recent COVID-19 data suggests the city is now ready to reopen.

If we are ready we should not be held back. It’s unfair to us. We are next to Oakville and they are open but we’re not," she added. 

If you attended a wedding in Mississauga this month, you might want to double-check that you don't need to get tested for COVID-19.

Peel Public Health says that attendees of two weddings exposed to COVID-19 in early October should "seek immediate testing," according to a press release.

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