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Here's What You Can Do In Each Colour Zone When Most Of Ontario Reopens On Tuesday

Twenty-seven regions move into the colour zones on Tuesday.

Starting on Tuesday at 12:01 a.m., 27 health regions are moving into Ontario's COVID-19 Response Framework. 

Under this plan, regions will move into the green, yellow, orange, red or grey zone depending on the amount of COVID-19 cases they are experiencing. 

Currently, no matter what the colour, every region is being told to stay home when possible and only keep your social circle to your own household. 

However, what is open in your region differs depending on what zone you are in. 

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Green, Yellow and Orange Zones

Residents in green, yellow and orange zones are allowed to shop indoors, so long as COVID-19 measures are in place. 

Retail stores, restaurants and bars are all allowed to open their doors. 

Gyms and other fitness centres are permitted to hold 50 people indoors and 100 outdoors, while cinemas, personal care services and casinos are also permitted to open. 

There are a few differences between these three zones, such as the hours of operations for restaurants and the number of people that are allowed in a retail store at one time. 

For example, those in the green are allowed to dine under normal hours, while those in the yellow must close at 12 a.m. and those in the orange must close at 10 p.m. 

It's also worth noting that under the orange zone all personal services that require you to remove your face mask are prohibited. 

Red Zone

While the red zone still sees many of the same locations open as the previous zones, the restrictions are a bit tighter. 

Restaurants and bars can still serve customers inside. However, they must limit the number of people indoors at one time to 10.

Dining establishments must stop serving alcohol by 9:00 p.m. and close by 10:00 p.m.

Gyms can operate, but the maximum capacity for indoor exercise areas is limited to 10.

Cinemas are closed under the red zone. However, drive-in theatres are permitted to stay open. 

Grey Zone

Also known as the "lockdown zone," the grey section of Ontario's colour-coded reopening sees a lot more businesses shuttered. 

Bars and restaurants are closed for dining but are still permitted to stay open for takeout or curbside pickup. 

Gyms, cinemas and all personal care services also remain closed under this zone. 

However, non-essential stores can open, but they must restrict their capacity to 25%. 

Essential businesses like grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores will also remain open. 

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