If you're struggling to find a job in this difficult time but are feel like you're lacking the qualifications, you're in luck. It turns out there are a ton of high paying jobs in Vancouver hiring now that you hardly need any experience to apply for. As long as you're willing to work for it, you could be on your way to living in luxury in no time.

It's difficult finding a well-paying job in today's economy without needing at least 70 years of experience and a marriage to the CEO's cat.

Fortunately for you, we've gone ahead and compiled a bunch of jobs that could net you a whole bunch of dough with minimal qualifications needed.

This list has everything from construction jobs to office roles plus there's even working from home positions. You'll be find something you'll enjoy, and get paid while doing it.

All these opportunities come from Canada's Job Bank website, a federally-backed hub of listings in every province. You can find all sorts of offers there, and they even let you search by salary or experience required.

Employers there are looking for everyone from registered nurses to college lecturers.

So don't wait, apply today. And, in the wise words of Lil Durk, "Get that money baby."

Drywall Installer

Salary: $35.50 per hour

Company: Sodhi Drywall Ltd

Why You Should Apply: The only thing in your way to earning over $35 an hour here is a high school diploma. Get active while working and make bank while doing it.

Apply Here


Sprinkler Fitter

Salary: $32.00 to $38.00 per hour

Company: Fire-Tech Sprinklers Ltd.

Why You Should Apply: All you need is a bit of experience, a "Sprinkler System Installer Trade Certification," and some attention to detail to be on your way to owning that gold-rimmed jetski.

Apply Here


Administrative Assistant

Salary: $30.00 per hour

Company: Mansouri Canadian Immigration Services Inc. (MCIS)

Why You Should Apply: With a high school certificate and an ability to work within tight deadlines, you could be working from home in your underwear here in no time.

Apply Here


Assistant Store Manager

Salary: $32.00 to $34.00 per Hour

Company: Apex Liquor Market

Why You Should Apply: If you've got under two years of experience in retail and a knack for working with people, you might just be perfect for this role.

Apply Here


Truck Trailer Mechanic

Salary: $29.50 per hour

Company: Royal Truck Repair Ltd

Why You Should Apply: If you're a fan of trucks and know your way around a trailer with less than two years of experience to prove it, then you'll be happy to know this place is hiring.

Apply Here

Bakery Department Manager

Salary: $31.54 per hour

Company: Maxim's Bakery Ltd.

Why You Should Apply: Do you have a high school diploma, under two years of experience, and a passion for everything yeasty? If so, you could be helping make people's morning's in no time.

Apply Here


Salary: $34.00 per hour

Company: Nordic Shore Construction Inc.

Why You Should Apply: For those interested in construction and have between one to two years of experience, this company is looking for team players to play with giant legos at work.

Apply Here

Long Haul Truck Driver

Salary: $25.00 per hour

Company: Triple S Logistics Ltd

Why You Should Apply: For no experience or schooling other than a class 1 or A driver's license, you could be seeing the province and saving in no time.

Apply Here


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