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Hasan Minhaj Called Out Montreal As 'Meh' & Says It Has 'A Lot Of French Energy' (VIDEO)

He also says Simu Liu owes him a big apology. 😂

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Hasan Minhaj calling out Montreal and Simu Liu on the Just For Laughs red carpet.

Hasan Minhaj calling out Montreal and Simu Liu on the Just For Laughs red carpet.

Hasan Minhaj was recently in Montreal for the Just For Laughs Festival and he had some hilariously choice things to say about the city as well as his friend Simu Liu.

In an interview with ET Canada, the American said that Toronto is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but when asked about Montreal, well, he had a bit of a different answer.

"Montreal is meh," Minhaj joked. "A lot of French energy. A lot of 'I'm better than you' energy.'"


"But this festival is really great," he continued. "JFL was just one of the first festivals I really popped at years ago. They kind of discovered me."

To mark the occasion, Minhaj brought his wife because his return to the city felt like "a family affair" as he was being honoured as stand-up comedian of the year.

When asked about the recent basketball charity event Minhaj took part in, which was organized by his friend Liu in Toronto, it seems there's some beef there.

"I have a bone to pick with Simu. Simu stacked his team, so there was a conflict of interest. When you're doing a celebrity basketball game, you can't have former NBA players on your team," Minhaj said of the lineup for the second annual Celebrity Classic game.

"So this award show aside, I do think Simu has a huge apology he owes all of us," he continued with an impressively straight face.

"Massive conflict of interest, and dare I say, it was a huge sign of corruption on your part as an organizer and a host of the event."

In order to make things right, Minhaj has demanded that he get an in-person apology from the Canadian as well as an in-feed Instagram apology.

"Not a story that will delete 24 hours later. I want an in-feed apology," he said. "Your move, Simu."

Unfortunately, it seems like that might not be coming,

"My court my rules," Liu wrote on his Insta story over a video of Minhaj's callout.

Fingers crossed next year's event has a more equitable lineup!

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