Simu Liu Got Dunked On So Hard & All Of The Funniest Moments From His Game In Toronto (VIDEOS)

Celebrity Classic did not come to play this year!

Simu Liu with Dominique Wilkins and Jason Chan. Right: Simu Liu being set up to get dunked on in Toronto.

Simu Liu with Dominique Wilkins and Jason Chan. Right: Simu Liu being set up to get dunked on in Toronto.

Simu Liu and Jeremy Lin may have started the next Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin shirt war.

Liu, Lin and friends hit the court on July 9 to ball out in a celebrity matchup for the second annual Celebrity Classic game in Toronto and so many hilarious moments ensued.

The star-studded teams included big names like Tesher, Charles Melton, Ronny Chieng, Hasan Minhaj, Leenda Dong, and celebrity coaches Dominque Wilkins, who is an NBA hall of famer, and Jamaal Magloire, a former NBA star.

The two teams duked it out (although some players said the teams were stacked with Liu and Lin on Magloire's team) to help raise money for the Jeremy Lin Foundation and the Canadian Chinese Youth Athletic Association.

Magloire's team took home the victory after a jam-packed day of activities from the Youth Jam, celebrity Interviews and celeb shenanigans.

Here are six of the funniest moments from yesterday's events.

Simu got dunked on at the Youth Jam

Liu got dunked on at the Youth Jam yesterday (after several failed attempts) and the kids ate it up.

Jeremy wore a shirt with a picture of Simu shirtless

Lin sneakily threw a t-shirt on with a picture of a shirtless Liu during a warm-up, and the bromance between these two is going strong.

Charles Melton confused the CN tower for the Space Needle

Riverdale actor Charles Melton mixed up the CN Tower for the Space Needle, but he followed it up with a Canadian apology.

"This is my second time in Toronto. Believe it or not. I was here two years ago for work, and I didn't spend that much time, but this is Drakes city, right? Maybe a Space Needle? There's a little space needle here?" said Melton.

After the crowd corrected him, Charles said, "Is it bad that I said that? Oh, sorry."

Jeremy savagely swatted a kid's layup shot

During the Youth Jam, select celebs had a shoot-out with kids and Lin did not go easy on them. The NBA legend savagely swatted a kid's layup shot in a pretty hilarious moment.

Hasan Minhaj shouts out 1 Hotel & Toronto's hotness

Hasan Minhaj called 1 Hotel a "scene" and said the beautiful people of Toronto, apparently look like the "love child of Drake and Bruno Mars," in a Q&A before the big game.

"When I came to perform, I just ate at the hotel. But I stayed at the 1 Hotel. Y'all didn't tell me it's a scene there. It's a scene, it was giving me social anxiety. I didn't know it was a place to like, see and be seen. I thought it was just going to be like a Mariott or something," said Minhaj.

"Everybody in the city is gorgeous and beautiful. I was walking around like, 'Oh my god!' everyone just looks like out of a fashion catalogue. Everyone's this beige mix of the future. They're like the love child of Drake and Bruno Mars. I'm like, you're the most beautiful Sudanese, Egyptian, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino person I've ever met in my life."

Leenda Dong ran out an ice pack to Jeremy Lin

Famous TikToker and creator Leenda Dong ran out a bag of ice to Lin after he took a gnarly hit on the court during the Celebrity Classic game.

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Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.