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A Guy From Quebec Just Had His Second Multimillion Dollar Lottery Win In 10 Years

He bought both tickets at the same store!
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Lotto Max Jackpot Winner From Quebec Won 2 Multimillion Prizes In 10 Years

This is one lucky guy! A Lotto Max jackpot winner from Quebec just won his second multimillion-dollar prize in the span of 10 years. He even bought both winning tickets at the same store.

For the Lotto Max draw on June 16, Mauricie resident Michel Bordeleau became a big winner for the second time in 10 years.

Bordeleau snagged the $15,000,000 jackpot for that draw and plans to share the cash with his wife and three children.

The day after the winning numbers were drawn, he checked his ticket multiple times and even asked his wife for help before realizing that his numbers matched.

"I stood there frozen when I realized I was winning for a second time, it's just unbelievable," he told Loto-Québec.

Even before he checked his ticket in-store, Bordeleau called the retailer he bought it from to tell him about the win.

This is also a big win for the store where he bought the ticket.

The retailer will get a 1% commission of $150,000.

It's actually the same place that the lucky man bought his winning ticket back in 2010, so it's the second time this spot has gotten a big commission.

Back in 2010, Bordeleau was one of 11 winners of a $25,000,000 Lotto Max jackpot.

Even though it was a shared win, he still took home a lot of cash — $2,500,000.

There have been lots of big winners for this game from Quebec.

Two friends won $6,500,000 in May and one even called the other at 5:00 a.m. to share the good news.

Back in February, a family of eight shared the $70 million jackpot, the biggest lotto prize ever given out in Quebec, after a 22-year-old bought the winning ticket.

At the beginning of May, a grandmother from Yellowknife also won a historic $55 million Lotto Max jackpot.

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