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A man's apartment in Nashville, TN is currently going viral due to TikTok users being shocked at the amount he pays in monthly rent despite having to deal with the constant noisiness coming from the famous Broadway Street.

Tennessee realtor Gavren Dochterman (@gavrenn) recently posted a video on the social media platform where Music City local Josh Johnston showed off his spot in a high-rise building where he pays $4,500 a month for rent.

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Buying your first home might easier than you think. You can buy a tiny house in Tennessee for just $9000.

The super low-cost home is ideal for people on a starter salary, eager to have a place of their own.

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Laguna Beach and The Hills were the shows that ruled television in 2006 and during our peak childhood. Aside from Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari was another front runner in these shows and even has her own E! show and she resides in our great state of Tennessee. Her Tennessee estate is up for sale and you can buy it for yourself.

Kristin Cavallari and her husband, Jay Cutler, put their enormous Nashville estate up for sale in June of 2018 for $7.9 million. Since then, the price has been cut down to $4.95 million.

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