8 New Arrivals To Watch On Netflix & Amazon Prime To Brighten Up Your Weekend

Buckle up for dramas & nail-biting thrillers!
8 New Arrivals To Watch On Netflix & Amazon Prime To Brighten Up Your Weekend

Your weekend plans have arrived! These new arrivals on Netflix and Amazon Prime are sure to keep you entertained on your relaxing days off from work. This week, there's a hearty mix of shows and movies from all kinds of genres, so you'll be satisfied regardless of what you're in the mood for. 

On Netflix, you can stream the second season of hit drama shows, an emotional war documentary, or a brand new game show that will keep you on your toes (and off the floor). 

Over on Amazon Prime, watch a 2019 biography drama about a beloved familiar face or get your giggles in with a competition series that's all about laughing.

These fresh additions are all part of the June 2020 lineup, but there's still more content to come until the end of the month. 

For now, you and your cuddle buddy can enjoy these 8 new additions that will freshen up your watch list and add even more brightness to your sunny days. 


The Order (Season 2)

The second season of this dark drama is here! Continue following the adventures of Jack Morton, a college student determined to uncover his mother's death but ends up caught in a war between werewolves and dark magic practitioners.

Feel the Beat

This dramedy was filmed in Toronto! Sofia Carson stars as April, a girl who failed at finding Broadway success but instead turns to training misfit dancers for a huge competition.

Floor is Lava

You've never seen a game show like this before! Based on the game that every child played at one point in their life, players pretend the floor is actual lava and must beat obstacles to avoid falling onto it.

Lost Bullet

This action thriller centers around a mechanic with a delinquent past. He sets out to find a missing car that contains a single bullet that would prove his innocence from a crime.

The Politician (Season 2)

At last, this dramedy starring Ben Platt is back with a second season! Platt plays Payton Hobart, a high school student with the big dream of becoming president of the United States who must battle his classmates in order to achieve his dream.

Wasp Network

Penélope Cruz stars in this two-hour-long thriller about a group of Cuban political prisoners who have were locked up in the 90s by the US on charges of murder and espionage.

Amazon Prime

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

This 2019 drama stars Tom Hanks as the lovable Mr. Rogers. When a journalist is assigned a story to profile Fred Rogers, he's skeptical about how the TV personality could be such a warm and kind person.

LOL: Last One Laughing

If you laugh, you lose! In this Amazon Original series, 10 comedians are pitted against each other to tell jokes and make each other giggle but the last one left who doesn't laugh wins the prize.