A Pool Expert Gained 2.3M Followers On TikTok Cleaning The Dirtiest Water In Louisiana

It's so satisfying to watch!

Florida Associate Editor
The pool expert cleaning a pool. Right: The pool expert pouring chemicals into the pool.

The pool expert cleaning a pool. Right: The pool expert pouring chemicals into the pool.

A pool expert in New Orleans, Louisiana, has gone viral on TikTok for simply doing his job — treating and cleaning people's pools. He's gained 2.3 million followers just by showing viewers the process, and the transformations are extreme.

He calls himself "MJ The Pool Pro" and he teaches all the tips and tricks he uses on a daily basis. From how the chemicals work to the vacuuming stages, he takes the greenest and brownest of pools and makes them sparkling turquoise blue.

The professional does small and big areas, whether they be mansions or jacuzzis. No matter the size, people have their eyes on it because let's face it, it's so satisfying to watch!


It’s simply science. 6 days and some patience is all I needed to shake this one back to life. Green to Clean 🙌🏽#oddlysatisfying #fyp #pool #chemistry #poolcleaning #water Musical Artist: @justlivmusic

It's practically like visual ASMR for his viewers and gets hundreds of thousands of views to prove it, and so many people tell him how pleasing it is to see it in action.

Some videos reach the millions, like the one where he cleans out a bunch of beetles with his bare hands — 8 million people were interested.

"I don’t even have a pool… but I’m so invested in your work!" One woman said. Her comment received 18,900 likes.


Water Chemistry at work! #pool #poolcleaning #oddlysatisfying #chemistry #water

Those who aren't watching his before and after videos, are constantly asking him questions in the comments for their own personal knowledge.

"I’m just here to make pool maintenance easy to understand," the creator wrote in one of his captions.

Some pools are so dirty he even finds creatures in them, such as a turtle.

He's not just a video expert with extreme knowledge of water chemistry, he owns Blue Street Pools and found a way to share his business with the rest of the world.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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