A New Show 'Florida Man' Is Coming To Netflix & It's Not What You're Expecting

It wasn't even filmed in Florida.

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'Florida Man' star Edgar Ramírez. Right: 'Florida Man' cast members Abbey Lee and Edgar Ramírez.

'Florida Man' star Edgar Ramírez. Right: 'Florida Man' cast members Abbey Lee and Edgar Ramírez.

The term "Florida Man" has been personified in countless outrageous headlines across the country and now Netflix has picked up on the trend and coined the phrase as the title of a new limited series. But this Florida Man is not what you'd expect.

With plenty of stories that seep out of the Sunshine State, the show is also not going to be a documentary.

It's actually a scripted drama about an ex-cop who returns to Florida on a manhunt for a Philadelphia mobster's girlfriend. On his journey back home, he uncovers many family secrets and even a treasure hunt.

'Florida Man' official teaser trailer.Netflix | YouTube

But this isn't really what the audience was hoping for, according to a Reddit thread published on March 7.

"Damn, I was wondering when a show titled Florida Man would come out and this is not what I wanted. I wanted either a documentary-style show or preferably an ensemble cast in a well-written mockumentary with all sorts of over-the-top characters," one user wrote.

Another replied that all they needed to do was follow their brother-in-law around town, totally unscripted.

"Unfortunately, no scripted/written show could ever top the real-life insanity that emanates from this state," one account commented.

Anthony LaPaglia and Paul Schneider sitting at a bar.Anthony LaPaglia and Paul Schneider sitting at a bar.Netflix

The cast and crew didn't even film in Florida. In fact, they were in Wilmington, North Carolina. The show was recorded over a year ago in December 2021.

The producer is Donald Todd, who's behind the show, This Is Us, and some of the main stars include Edgar Ramírez and Abbey Lee.

The limited series will be released on the streaming app on April 13, 2023.

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