There's A Retro-Themed Hotel At A New York Airport Terminal & A Full Bar In An Actual Plane

You'll feel like you transported to the '60s.

The airplane bar in the TWA Hotel. Right: The sign for the TWA Hotel.
Florida Associate Editor

The airplane bar in the TWA Hotel. Right: The sign for the TWA Hotel.

The JFK airport is more than just a hub for travelers to board vessels and fly from one destination to the next. There's a 60s-themed luxurious hotel just outside of terminal five for layovers and "daytrippers" to explore.

It's called the TWA Hotel and it is giving all the retro vibes for an aesthetically pleasing stay. When you walk inside, there's an old turnstile flight board with minimalist white walls and bright red plush couches in the main lobby that pop.

The establishment is also a walking museum, as those who go can see flight attendant outfits on mannequins throughout the years, personal narratives and even authentic artifacts that describe the hotel's history.

There are a lot of things to do there like dining at one of their many restaurants, playing at their curling rink and even stepping into their Twister room which is a floor-to-ceiling replica of the board game.

Some of the most unique parts of the hotel include a rooftop pool that overlooks the airplane track and stays at 95 degrees daily. There is also a bar by the pool.

Speaking of bars, the hotel turned an entire airplane into a 1950s cocktail lounge. You can walk up the steps of the plane located outside and step into what feels like a luxurious private jet.

There are plush red couches, airline seats and round tables throughout the hallway.

You can go and see the hotel for the day for about four to 12 hours or even shack up in a suite for under $250. It definitely is one of New York's hidden secrets that tourists can't stop raving about.

TWA Hotel



Address: John F. Kennedy International Airport, One, JFK Access Road, Idlewild Dr., Queens, NY 11430

Why You Need To Go: This hotel is perfect for a layover or even just exploring the rich airline history. It's not only will transport you back to the '60s but there are also restaurants, a pool on the rooftop and even museum exhibits to fill your time.

Prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.

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Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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