6 Things About New York That Make Me Happy I Live In Florida

Give me beaches, not skyscrapers!

Florida Associate Editor
Associate Editor Jenna Kelley in New York City. Right: Associate Editor Jenna Kelley in Florida.

Associate Editor Jenna Kelley in New York City. Right: Associate Editor Jenna Kelley in Florida.

Jenna Kelley | Narcity

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As a kid, I always hoped to live in New York City. I grew up in Florida, so of course you want what you can't have. It was an artist's dream and a financer's playground, and all I ever wanted was to be in the middle of it.

...Well, that was until I visited as an adult.

I took a February trip cause I wanted to see more seasons than the Florida sun had to offer. Honestly, I had the best time. If we're staying honest, I totally understand why so many people move down South.

It is not just a "hustle and bustle" on the streets, but every activity is just as much of a grind.

I guess that's why New Yorkers have the respect of having "grit." I couldn't be a resident up North, and I'm not ashamed to say it.

Here are some reasons that really ground my gears while I was there.

What even is New York Transit?

Associate Editor Jenna Kelley on the subway.

Associate Editor Jenna Kelley on the subway.

Jenna Kelley | Narcity

The first thing I did to get out of the airport was hop on the wrong bus. At the same time, the bus driver yelled at me that I wasn't paying quickly enough and told me to go to the back. My anxiety peaked, so I sat down.

I asked the local next to me if this was the airport bus, as I had to meet my friend at a different terminal. I quickly realized it was the wrong route, I got off the bus and walked back to the bus stop.

Don't even get me started with the subway system. We needed to download an app that magically worked underground, but the first trip on the speed train took us 15 stops the wrong way!

In Florida, it's way easier. Just call a Lyft or Uber for affordable rideshare...or drive. Driving, surprisingly, is a lot less scary in Florida.

The prices of everything was nearly doubled.

Associate Editor Jenna Kelley and her friend at Tiffany & Co.

Associate Editor Jenna Kelley and her friend at Tiffany & Co.

Jenna Kelley | Narcity

Granted, this photo was taken at Tiffany's & Co., but I went to Chipotle in New York, and my normal bowl to-go with a side of guacamole and small drink came out to nearly $20.

In Florida, it reaches about $15.

I got a New York City hot dog from the little food stands at nearly every corner, and the price for me and my friend was $17. For street corner hotdogs!

We went to the 90th floor of a building that doubled as an art museum...tickets to basically ride an elevator were $45+.

I know Florida gets pricey, as well, but it's definitely not as high as New York.

The layers on layers on layers just to walk outside.

Associate Editor Jenna Kelley layered up outside.

Associate Editor Jenna Kelley layered up outside.

Jenna Kelley | Narcity

As a Floridian, all I wear are shorts and a tank tops.

In New York, I had to wear knee high socks under leggings under jeans under knee high boots. Then I had a long sleeve, a scarf, a heavy jacket, beanie hats and gloves.

I have a dog, and all I kept thinking was, if I lived in New York and had to walk my dog, this would be a mission to just take a step outside.

Nope. Not for me.

It's so gloomy.

Central Park.

Central Park.

Jenna Kelley | Narcity

Even when the sun is out in the City, there are so many skyscrapers that add gloominess to the streets.

When I got home to Florida, I woke up, looked out the window, saw the sun shining, heard the birds chirping, and nearly thought I was dreaming I was Snow White in the Disney movies.

It's a happier vibe in the Sunshine State.

There's not that much nature in the city, unless it's wall decor.

Associate Editor Jenna Kelley standing outside of a caf\u00e9.

Associate Editor Jenna Kelley standing outside of a café.

Jenna Kelley | Narcity

Aside from the random patches of grass in Central Park, you don't see much flora or shrubbery unless it's a fake flower wall around a restaurant sign.

I desperately missed seeing more lively natural colors on the streets and even just seeing large stretches of grass. It really is "A Concrete Jungle," in the city, but I missed seeing my palm trees.

The beaches aren't as easily accessible.

​First of all, when you go to NYC, you don't even really think about going to the beach. There is a beach in coney island, but it's not the same as clear-water Florida beaches.

Plus beaches are all over Florida, you're not too far away from one at any point in the state. It's also one of Florida's main tourist attractions and one of the biggest reasons people come to visit.

Weather-wise, you can go to a Florida beach year-round. I missed the sunbathing and water in my toes when I got home.

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
Jenna Kelley is an Associate Editor for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on trends and celebrities in Florida and is based in Miami-Fort Lauderdale in Florida.
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